Dr. Cook and the SHARC Team Visited Key West and Miami!

The SHARC Team traveled to Key West and Monroe County, Florida to meet with the Health Officer for Monroe County, Dr. Carla Fry, and several others involved in HIV Care and Prevention in the Keys. We met with three HIV care providers as well as leaders of the Ryan White Planning Council, and we were introduced to several locals familiar with tourism related to sex and alcohol in Key West. 


Overall, several issues were different in the Keys, including the fact that it is easier for the healthcare system to “find” people on a 2 by 4 mile island, the recurring potential for disruption from hurricanes, and influx of migrants into the area. The SHARC Team is hoping to collect data for our Florida Cohort project in the Keys later this year. Following the visit to Key West, our Team traveled to Miami to attend the annual CFAR Symposium and learn more about ongoing activities in Miami. We were able to catch up with our former SHARC T32 Pre-doctoral Trainee, Dr. Renessa Williams, who presented her poster on Stigma.