Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) Annual Scientific Meeting 2021

From June 19-23, 2021, members of the SHARC team virtually attended the Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) Annual Scientific Meeting. Check out the presentations and posters from our SHARC team:


Monday, June 21

3:30 – 5:15 PM EST

Effects of UPPS-P Impulsivity Facets on Subjective Alcohol Response and Craving: An Experimental Test of Acquired Preparedness
Leeman, R.

Tuesday, June 22

3:30 – 5:15 PM EST

New Generation of Wearable Alcohol Biosensors: Validation, Application, and Data Analysis
Wang, Y.


Change in Liver Fibrosis and Steatosis Among Heavy Drinkers With and Without HIV After 30-Day Drinking-Reduction Program.
Ahn, S., Wu, S., Thomas, E., Jayaweera, D., Govind, V., Cohen, R., Cook, R.

Prospective Relations Between Adolescent Employment And Initiation of Alcohol Use
Benvenuti, M. C., Gebru, N., Janssen, T., LoParco, C., Maio, E., Jackson, K. M., Leeman, R.

Drinking Reduction and HIV Serostatus Predict Reduction in Task-Dependent Neural Activation.
Britton, M. K., Porges, E., Cook, R., Govind, V., Cohen, R.

Total Number of Alcoholic Drinks Consumed, HIV Positive Status and Poorer Semantic Fluency Are Associated with Functional Impairment in Adults
Bryant, V., Shortell, D., Cook, R., DeFelice, J., Porges, E., Cohen, R.

Stress mediates the association between pain and alcohol use in college students
Bush, N., Schick, M., Spillane, N., Boissoneault, J.

Social Network Drinking Feedback is Associate with Use of Protective Behavioral Strategies and Drinking Outcomes in Emerging Adult Risky Drinkers
Chandler, S., Tucker, J., Cheong, J., Lindstrom, K.

Factors Related to Engagement in Alcosex among Young Adult Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)
Chauca, P., Lavole, H.

Associations between drinking motives and alcohol demand
Ferguson, E., Fiore, A., Yurasek, A. M., Cook, R., Boissoneault, J.

Greater protective behavioral strategy use predicts less impaired control over alcohol use among college student heavy drinkers.
Gebru, N. M., Frohe, T., Leeman, R. F.

HIV Status is Not Significantly Associated with Greater Transdermal Alcohol Concentrations at Similar Levels of Self-Reported Alcohol Use
Richards, V., Liu, Y., Orr, J., Leeman, R., Barnett, N., Bryant, K., Cook, R., Wang, Y.

Association between changed in alcohol demand and consumption following experimentally induced musculoskeletal pain. 
Stennett, B., Anderson, M., Dallery, J., Alappattu, M., Robinson, M., Boissoneault, J.

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