SHARC Seminar: Dr. Davis

SHARC and UF CARE hosted Dr. Kelly Cue Davis from Arizona State University in a joint seminar yesterday! 

Dr. Davis is an associate professor in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation as well as a licensed clinical psychologist. Her primary research interests include health risk behaviors, with a particular emphasis on the intersection of sexual violence, sexual risk, and substance use.

UF CARE Director Dr. Sara Jo Nixon, Seminar Speaker Dr. Kelly Cue Davis, SHARC Director Dr. Robert Cook, Dr. Robert Leeman

During the seminar, Dr. Davis discussed her work on the connections between sexual risk behaviors, sexual aggression, and alcohol use in her presentation, “Coercive Condon Use Resistance: An Understudied Behavior in the Alcohol, Sexual Risk, and Sexual Violence Nexus”. 

Dr. Davis’s research has targeted sexual assault assessment, response, prevention, and policy in both K-12 and higher education institutions as well as the military and legal system, with an emphasis on the role of alcohol in sexual assault perpetration and victimization.

Faculty, trainees, students, and staff from the Colleges of Public Health and Health Professions and Health and Human Performance enjoyed hearing Dr. Davis present her research on condom use resistance.

Dr. Davis’s lecture highlighted her work integrating alcohol effects, sexual aggression, and sexual risk behaviors. According to Dr. Sarah Jo Nixon, UF CARE Director, “It was a stellar exemplar of using theoretically-driven, empirically informed clinical research to address critical societal issues in the field of substance use/misuse.” 

Thank you again to Dr. Kelly Cue Davis for speaking at the SHARC & CARE joint seminar! 

If you missed the seminar, make sure to mark your calendar for next month’s seminar on March 19th! More details to come on our website or on our Facebook page!