Spring 2018 Seminar Schedule

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February 14th at 11am
CTRB, 2161

UF Student Seminar Featuring:

Kathleen Egan, PhD, MS
Prevention of Adolescent Nonmedical Prescription Opioid Use & Medicine Disposal Programs.

Verlin Joseph, MPH
Patterns of Cannabis Use Disorders Among PLWH: Results from a Community Sample.

Zachary Mannes, M.S
Recreational versus alternative and complimentary therapeutic marijuana use among adults living with HIV: Reason for use is associated with medication adherence.

February 28th at 11am
CTRB, 3161

Ajeet Kaushik, PhD
Assistant Professor
Florida International University
College of Medicine

“Smart Biosensor for Personalized Health Care”

March 7th at 10am
CTRB, 2161

Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction Presentation Practice  

Dr Yan Wang
HIV & substance use among women

 Dr. Christa Cook, Dr. Rob Leeman, and Ben Beray
Technology in substance assessment/intervention

Dr. Rob Leeman, Dr. Ali Yurasek, and Tessa Frohe
Cannabis in relation to other substance use

March 21st at 11am
CTRB, 2161

Tyler Wray, PhD
Assistant Professor
Brown University 
School of Public Health

“User-centered design strategies for building usable and engaging internet-facilitated alcohol and HIV behavior change interventions.”

April 4th at 11am
CTRB, 2161

Sheldon D. Fields, PhD
Dean and Professor
New York Institute of Technology 
School of Health Professions

“The HOPE of Getting to ZERO: HIV / AIDS among Black MSM”

April 19th at 10am
CTRB, 3162

Robert J. Lucero, PhD
Associate Professor 
University of Florida
College of Nursing

“Evaluating the use of a Medication Event Monitoring System as an Objective Measure of HIV ART Adherence”